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All Stitched Up – Dining Chairs are starting to get comfortable!!

Limited time available over this last week but still made good progress – hessian scrim has been tacked down, this helps to hold the hair layer in place and acts as a base for the next hair layer.


And completed two rows of edge stitches and one row of top stitches which pulls and holds the hair in place…it can be a dangerous business using  a  double-pointed needle!


Priority job now is to get these beauties waxed! And then…Bridle ties and final hair layer, wadding layer, calico and top layer. Lets see where I get to next week…


Getting stuffed!

Progress has been good over the last week, managed to keep to the schedule, webbing – check, hessian base – check, bridle ties – check, first stuffing – check, hessian scrim – in progress!!


So all three chairs are at the same stage, doing them altogether allows a good pace and most importantly – parity.

Need to continue with cracking the whip…to get these done! Hoping to fix down the hessian, edge stitching, bridle ties for next stuffing layer and in between, fix any uneven leg wobbles and wax up these beauties!

Lets see where I get to next week!

Phew – worst of the dirty work completed!

It’s been a busy week!! After some lashings of varnish stripper, sanding, steel wool rubbing and glueing, the last three chairs have now been stripped and re-glued.


Just waiting for a delivery of my trusty wood filler to sort out some ugly screw holes and then a final clean up before these can be waxed.

I’m going to use a dark bees-wax to compliment the grain/colour of this oak wood, then I can get on with the upholstery…initial order of work; webbing, hessian base, bridle ties and 1st hair stuffing which I hope to complete by next week…here’s to another busy week!

Ripping out and reglueing

I’ve ripped out the last three chairs and have stripped two…lot of carving detail to work on but only one more to go!

One chair is re-glued, so next job is to fill in the big nasty screw wholes.

The last three chairs…time to get down and dirty!

Last of the three dining chairs…time for some dirty work, ripping out, taking apart, stripping and re-glueing

Found metal plates at the bottom of each chair – instead of webbing! And also found hay instead of hair, guess they were short of materials at the time!

French Oak Dining Chairs – Three Completed

These have been stripped, re-glued and waxed. Found a velevt fabric that I thought would compliment the chairs…