Ottoman/Chaise Inside Box Lining – Fashionably Regal!

After a false start with the lining I have re-affirmed my expertise and now it’s coming together like a treat!

The internal box has been lined with a doubled thickness of polyester wadding, secured with adhesive.

To access the box better, I took off the chaise back…this was a little challenge, but it now allows me to fix the lining neatly.

I’ve placed the bottom lining section first and then worked on the sides…so now I’ll need to work on the tricky corner sections and finally the ends.

The lining is a light weight golden coloured satin – I think it looks and feels rather gorgeous…especially once it’s done!


2 responses to “Ottoman/Chaise Inside Box Lining – Fashionably Regal!

  • Pat McClane

    I just found your website while looking for upholstery help online. I want to learn to do traditional upholstery work and would appreciate any advice and resources that you can offer. Your work looks beautiful.

    Thanks so much

    • ursulajamesupholstery

      Thanks!! I don’t have any resources as such…I’ve been doing a course over the last 2 years that provides advice/guidance through each project I undertake – I have found this invalueable and very flexible. I started on small things first, like a ‘drop in’ chair, this a good basic traditional project to start with.
      I’ve found this book particularly useful (‘The Complete Upholsterer – A Practical Guide to Upholstering Traditional Furniture’ By Carole Thomerson) – it gives a step by step guide on how to approach a project and also reccommends what type of projects to do in order of easy to difficult.
      Hope this is of some help….and Good Luck!!

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