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A Chaise of Extravagance and Elegance…Lounging Back is…’Oh So Close’!!…

DSC01134It’s a busy time of year…So, back to the task in hand, otherwise I’ll never get to lounge back on this Chaise/Ottoman!

All the buttons are now secured into place, the next step has been to pull and stretch the top + bottom ends and the sides of the chaise back piece…

Crease pleats have been followed down from the top and bottom rows to create a neat line from each button and fabric has been pulled tightly and tacked in place.

The sides have been pulled and crease pleats made from buttons closest to the edge.

The roll edges need to have a neat fan of pleats and be secured down, then I’ll get to work on the sides and the back of the chaise.

But with the holiday time fast approaching it might be a few weeks before I get to that! So, enjoy your seasonal festivities and I’ll back in the New Year!

 DSC01134 DSC01128 DSC01126 DSC01123