Sewing, Piping, Shaping, Fitting, Hand-Stitching – Very Patiently!!

???????????????????????????????Can’t believe it’s been so long…

So here’s the latest,  completed fixing the top fabric onto the back of the ottoman/chaise and fitted the side edges of the chaise back piece.

This required a sandwich of felt and poly wadding to soften and smooth all the different converging edges.

I made a template of the shape for cutting purposes and then fitted the piece temporarily, thus allowing the shape to be manipulated until I was happy and then the piping was pinned on.

I’ve made the single piping to dress the edges and I am now hand-stitching the side pieces and piping so that it’s all securely fixed.

On the seat or box top, the lining has been completed too, one long edge was stapled using back-stripping tape and all the other edges were hand-stitched.

It’s getting very close to finishing, so need to get a braid to finish all the internal box seams/joins.

DSC01385 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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