About Me

Hi, I am Ursula James and I love doing upholstery! I’ve always had a passion for textiles….I started making clothes and doing knitting which lead me to studying art and fashion, and then textiles.  With a varied career (product manager, teacher, varnishing wooden boats and boat chef!!) some of which – didn’t always inspire me but gave me some great experience and skills. However,  during this time, my passion for textiles always continued as a hobby.

Finally after becoming a mother in the last 2 and half years, I have managed to find the time, (in between the busy demands of motherhood) to start upholstering.  I have been attending upholstery and furniture reparation+french polishing classes to help guide me through different projects.  I’m aiming to build my confidence and increase my skills base so that I can tackle most upholstery or soft furnishing projects with a view to do this professionally.

My weekly blog will provide a record showing my method of work, my repertoire of skills I have as I gain them and show the projects I’ve completed, which will reflect a high quality or work/finish that I strive to achieve. And hopefully this maybe of interest to some of you out there too!

And if you want to make to  a comment or contact me  – please do!


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