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A New Year – New Projects – New Challenges!

Queen Anne chairs

Queen Anne chairs



I’ve enjoyed the festive season but happy to get back to all this now…

I have managed to get my hands on some interesting items here… a pair of Queen Anne mahogany ‘drop-in’ chairs that been painted cream, but on the positive, they have been ripped out already which will save me some work!

And a new type of project for me is a french headboard, I think the wood is walnut. Some beautiful detailing in the wood and all in great condition.

But before I get my hands on these, I’ll be focusing on finishing my Ottoman/Chaise…

DSC01117 DSC01121

DSC01290 DSC01289 DSC01288 DSC01286 DSC01277


Snip, Smooth and Stretch!

Dining Chairs

A very exciting week, well for me anyway!

So, calico cover fitted and the chairs have now reached top cover stage which has been cut and now needs to be stretched and smoothed over (to avoid any sagging) and then tacked down.

calico cover – ready for the top cover and wadding sandwich!


Had a day workshop, so I cracked on with my other project…concentrated on the lid/seat section of the ottoman/chaise. This project requires a modern approach, so it’s time to get down with the foam…it’s quick work compared to the traditional hair layers…Hessian scrim tacked, foam fitted and glued, wadding glued, calico cover fitted, wadding cut and placed… top cover placed in position and is semi fitted!