Ottoman/Chaise Inside Box Lining – Fashionably Regal!

After a false start with the lining I have re-affirmed my expertise and now it’s coming together like a treat!

The internal box has been lined with a doubled thickness of polyester wadding, secured with adhesive.

To access the box better, I took off the chaise back…this was a little challenge, but it now allows me to fix the lining neatly.

I’ve placed the bottom lining section first and then worked on the sides…so now I’ll need to work on the tricky corner sections and finally the ends.

The lining is a light weight golden coloured satin – I think it looks and feels rather gorgeous…especially once it’s done!


Six Oak Dining Chairs Beautifully Reupholstered!!

Yes, even if I do say so myself!! Job done…Anyone for dinner?!

Now I can crack on with the Ottoman/Chaise…weekly installments start next week! Comments are welcome…

More Nails Please!

Progress is good, all the back rests on the chairs have been fixed with the brass decorative nails.

Once the seat edges have been nailed, the corners will need sewing up and the seat bottoms will be finished with black cotton for a professional finish.

This project will soon be complete!

Confessions of an Upholsterer!!

I must confess that I have been very naughty and I have been indulging myself in holidays this last week..And alas I have a modest offering of work to show!

So, I have managed to tack the top cover of the chaise seat and shaped off the corners…although it still needs some more pulling and tightening to make it perfectly smooth. And perfection is what I’m looking for!

Back to the chairs next week and hopefully I’ll have some brass to show off then!

Tack-Hammer Tack-Hammer – Pass the Brass!

A quiet but steady week of hammering!

Tacked down the seat covers so they are now ready for some brass decorative nails. There are many different designs and sizes of decorative nails, so after lots of searching I went for these ‘daisy dome’ nails, I thought they would compliment the chair and the fabric.

Before I get down to hammering the nails (which is no easy job with oak), I’ve been working on the back rest; covered the backside, filled out the middle using cotton felt, a layer of scim wadding and then this is all held together with a calico layer.

The backrest is now ready for the top cover – this will be fixed down with the decorative nails directly.

Next job,  will be getting the brass nails in, this will require some patience and precision…

It’s all getting very close to finishing – a full set of six chairs, the only thing is… I’ll have to find a table to compliment them!

Snip, Smooth and Stretch!

Dining Chairs

A very exciting week, well for me anyway!

So, calico cover fitted and the chairs have now reached top cover stage which has been cut and now needs to be stretched and smoothed over (to avoid any sagging) and then tacked down.

calico cover – ready for the top cover and wadding sandwich!


Had a day workshop, so I cracked on with my other project…concentrated on the lid/seat section of the ottoman/chaise. This project requires a modern approach, so it’s time to get down with the foam…it’s quick work compared to the traditional hair layers…Hessian scrim tacked, foam fitted and glued, wadding glued, calico cover fitted, wadding cut and placed… top cover placed in position and is semi fitted!


Waxed ‘n’ Buffed…Bring on the top cover!

I’ve waxed, buffed, waxed, buffed and waxed ‘n’ buffed!! The wood’s looking rather sexy…although that’s a matter of opinion, of course!

waxed ‘n’ buffed

Continued with stitching the bridle ties for the next hair layer and got stuffing. Need some more hair to finish off (where’s my order?!)…so I’ve cut cotton wadding layer (a bit like a cosy blanket) and the calico cover in readiness.


Next things to do…tack down the calico which has to be pulled down nice and tight to hold the second hair layer together and prepare it for the top cover and here’s a peek…

Velvet – Lush

All Stitched Up – Dining Chairs are starting to get comfortable!!

Limited time available over this last week but still made good progress – hessian scrim has been tacked down, this helps to hold the hair layer in place and acts as a base for the next hair layer.


And completed two rows of edge stitches and one row of top stitches which pulls and holds the hair in place…it can be a dangerous business using  a  double-pointed needle!


Priority job now is to get these beauties waxed! And then…Bridle ties and final hair layer, wadding layer, calico and top layer. Lets see where I get to next week…

Getting stuffed!

Progress has been good over the last week, managed to keep to the schedule, webbing – check, hessian base – check, bridle ties – check, first stuffing – check, hessian scrim – in progress!!


So all three chairs are at the same stage, doing them altogether allows a good pace and most importantly – parity.

Need to continue with cracking the whip…to get these done! Hoping to fix down the hessian, edge stitching, bridle ties for next stuffing layer and in between, fix any uneven leg wobbles and wax up these beauties!

Lets see where I get to next week!

Phew – worst of the dirty work completed!

It’s been a busy week!! After some lashings of varnish stripper, sanding, steel wool rubbing and glueing, the last three chairs have now been stripped and re-glued.


Just waiting for a delivery of my trusty wood filler to sort out some ugly screw holes and then a final clean up before these can be waxed.

I’m going to use a dark bees-wax to compliment the grain/colour of this oak wood, then I can get on with the upholstery…initial order of work; webbing, hessian base, bridle ties and 1st hair stuffing which I hope to complete by next week…here’s to another busy week!