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Devils in the Delicate Details – That Take Time!!

DSC01321I’ve been working on lots of tricky sections on the chaise back – and it’s been very time-consuming.

I have completed the side edges, creating a tidy fan of pleats on the head roll, the pleats were pinned in place and then tacked down…it can be an awkward job – I managed to hammer a tack into my finger! OOOUCH – LOL! Really NOT recommended!!

Next job, is to work on the back section. starting at the top fixing the hessian base, a polyester wadding sandwich and the top fabric. I used some back-tacking card to hold this firmly in place. Then its fixing on the sides and the bottom…involving lots of hand stitching!

Once the back is done, I’ll do the side sections…in the meantime I need to decide how I want to finish the seam edges, could be piping, cord or braid…ooooh the choices!

DSC01321 DSC01322 DSC01323


Redefine-Redesign-Reupholster – Ottoman/Chaise Morphs More!

Yes, another productive week!

Worked on the corners at the base end of the box…all neatly pinned in position and ready to be stitched. A good strong matching thread is required and then it’ll be ladder stitching all the way!

Refitted the Chaise back, which was a little tricky…but then got to work on fixing the webbing and the hessian base, it’s looking different again. This will be ready for the foam layer, webbing and calico cover…Let’s see what another week brings!