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Opulent Ottoman – Chaise…A Pure Purple Delight!

???????????????????????????????  So, here it is…most the of the upholstery work is    now complete!

Just need to attach the hinges, wax up the legs and  do the braid inside the box and then it’s all done!

It’s been a long haul but worth it in the end…Once she’s fully finished I’ll post some before and after shots.



Chaise Back – All Buttoned Up! Looking Gorgeous and Luxurious!

Testing and busy times! But all for a good cause!

Finally got down with the deep buttoning, which is rather hard word in truth, but once there is a rhythm it gets easier.

Started at the top middle and worked my way round forming my first diamond half and spread from that to the sides, pulling the buttons through and securing them at back in a bow with the help of some calico so these could be adjusted once all the buttons were in position.

Once I was happy, the buttons were pulled tightly in place and secured with a slip knot and then double-tied.

And I’m so happy with the result and another new skill acquired!

It’s all coming together…a little slower than planned but the results speak for themselves!

Diamonds are Forever…Diamonds are Decadent…And Diamonds are Here!

It’s all been going diamond-shaped!!

Completed a lot of hand stitching on the internal lining and on the external corners of the ottoman box. Phew that’s an awkward and a time-consuming job out of the way!

I’ve been working on the chaise back, measuring out the deep button placements, creating a luxury look with a diamond pattern – in rows of 4/5 button places. Initially I didn’t do any measuring,  I placed pins to give me an idea of spaces for the deep-buttoning to decide the best shape & size of the diamond pattern – when I was happy, I measured it all out precisely.

Next job was to mark out the button places and cut through the calico in a cross, creating enough space to chisel through the wadding and the foam. After completing that, thanks to an apple corer (!), it was on with a cotton felt layer to give it a softer feel and then poly wadding immediately on top.

It’s now ready for the lush top cover…that’ll be in next weeks installment!!

Redefine-Redesign-Reupholster – Ottoman/Chaise Morphs More!

Yes, another productive week!

Worked on the corners at the base end of the box…all neatly pinned in position and ready to be stitched. A good strong matching thread is required and then it’ll be ladder stitching all the way!

Refitted the Chaise back, which was a little tricky…but then got to work on fixing the webbing and the hessian base, it’s looking different again. This will be ready for the foam layer, webbing and calico cover…Let’s see what another week brings!


Perfect Purple and Gorgeous Gold – Truly Lush!!

The Ottoman/Chaise box is coming on…Lining is fitted but internal stitching in the corners needs completing, this will pull it all tight together…

I’ve started on the outside covering with a double layer of polyester wadding and cut out the fabric.

The line of the fabric must be placed on straight – it’s held down with some staples and then once sure of the position, I used some ‘back-tacking’ strip which is fixed with staples, this combination gives a perfect straight edge. All four pieces have been placed in position up to the corners.

I need to put the ‘back’ part of the chaise back on now, so I can complete the outside covering…Lets see where I get to next week!

Ottoman/Chaise Inside Box Lining – Fashionably Regal!

After a false start with the lining I have re-affirmed my expertise and now it’s coming together like a treat!

The internal box has been lined with a doubled thickness of polyester wadding, secured with adhesive.

To access the box better, I took off the chaise back…this was a little challenge, but it now allows me to fix the lining neatly.

I’ve placed the bottom lining section first and then worked on the sides…so now I’ll need to work on the tricky corner sections and finally the ends.

The lining is a light weight golden coloured satin – I think it looks and feels rather gorgeous…especially once it’s done!